UK: Government discovers signs of new rebound in COVID-19 cases

British authorities have discovered signs in some parts of the UK indicating the presence of a Rebound in cases of COVID-19 infectionaccording to figures released today by Office of National Statistics (ONS).

This increase could be due to an increase in infection compatible with the original Omicron BA.1 variant, along with new variants of the virus. Bachelor 4 and Bachelor 5.

Based on this, it is estimated that the total 989,800 people in the UK They contracted the virus in the week leading up to the last second day, compared to 953,900 who contracted the virus the previous week.

It is the first time that the total number of infections has increased Week to week since the end of last March, when the number of infected reached a record 4.9 million in this country at the height of the Omicron BA.2 wave.

Countries on alert

The four countries of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) identified a Slight increase in the spread of the virus Despite the fact that the Office for National Statistics describes this trend in Scotland and Wales as “uncertain”.

According to this ONS data, in England It is possible that 797,500 people tested positive for the virus last weekThat equates to one person in every 70 cases, compared to 784,100 cases last week.

in Northern Ireland An increase in infections was identified for the second week in a row, with 27,700 cases – one infected for every 65 people – compared to 24,300 last week – one in 75 people -.

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in Scotland 124,100 people may have contracted the virus last week – 1 in 40 – compared to 105,900 – 1 in 50 – and in Wales there were 40,500 infected – one in 75 – compared to 39,600 last week.

“Across the UK, the percentage of people who tested positive for COVID-19 compatible with Omicron variants BA.1, BA.4 and BA.5 increased in the week ending 2 June,” ONS said. (EFE)

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