Moreno hopes that the agreement with the United Kingdom will mean a “departure” to Campo de Gibraltar

Eventually the council got its way and The head of the Andalusian executive was able to hear directly what the mayors expect And in Campo de Gibraltar on what all parties consider an “imminent agreement” on the situation that will exist in the region after the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union eight years ago. Juanma Moreno listened to the Council members and considered that the agreement between the two countries could mean that “Bankruptcy or quitting” From the area. No one knows the conditions under which the document will be signed, which, in the opinion of all parties, should include “measures aimed at alleviating the enormous imbalance existing in the region.”

Even Juanma Moreno did not shirk the responsibility of the executive power he heads and assumed “duties always within our powers”, such as those in the country’s infrastructure. An area “with the greatest growth potential in all of Andalusia, they have been waiting for years, so we also have to cooperate.”. Although neither party has the powers to sign this type of treaty, the head of the body noted that in the Basic Law of Self-Government, It is stated in Article 240 that the Authority “is notified by the state of occasions for the celebration of international treaties and agreements that directly and individually affect matters within the scope of its jurisdiction.”. The president noted that the council “has a wide range of policies, from active employment policies, to environmental policies, waste management or health policies.”

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And that is what this afternoon was about, a similar situation, in that none of the eight towns that make up Campo di Gibraltar, where 300,000 people live, are facing the same difficulties; from Line We will see (if the agreement is signed) how the physical borders disappear, but so do the economic borders and income differences of up to nine-fold on the colony side, until… the green Island With direct competition to the first port in Spain or San Roque Where a large portion of Gibraltar’s population resides.

Moreno who confirmed this There is no official information that the agreement is close to being concluded.He insisted that it must “take into account” Andalusia and reflect the interests of the region. It could be “bust or quit”, because he knows of the negotiations with the United Kingdom that have had “entrenched” issues for decades and centuries, and he appreciates the “will” of the Government of Spain to reach agreements, for which the loyalty of the Council is guaranteed.

The President announced this They will convey to the minister historical demands such as the investment plan for the region, which includes the council’s participation. Furthermore, he believes solutions must be addressed for Gibraltar’s special tax system, which is “unfair”. However, he left room for the Foreign Minister to explain on Monday whether issues related to sovereignty, “which is beyond our powers,” would be addressed or through “the joint use of La Roca Airport.”

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The President of the Council revealed the “very serious distortion” that exists in the economic, social and financial sphere “A colony in Andalusian lands”. Moreno believes that these negotiations are a “unique opportunity” to lay the foundations for a “new relationship” that will “restore balance” to the regions and end the “large existing gap.” Therefore, he realizes that if there is a “choral voice” in the negotiations, where not only the government is represented, but also the Board of Directors and the mayors, he is convinced that the perspective will be “more global”.

The mayors of Algeciras attended the meeting held at San Telmo Palace (Jose Ignacio Landalos), Line (Juan Franco), San Roque (Juan Carlos Ruiz Buix), Biology (Miguel Fermin Alconchil), expenses (Jose Antonio Santos) and Castelar de la Frontera (Adrian Vaca), as well as the President of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of Campo de Gibraltar, Susana Perez. They were there too Mercedes Colombo, delegate of the Andalusian Junta Government in Cadiz, and Javier Roz, sub-delegate of the Andalusian Junta Government in Campo de Gibraltar. They were all accompanied by the advisor to the Presidency of the Republic. Antonio Sanz Who will go to Madrid next Monday.

It is worth noting that the last time the mayors were summoned all at once to this issue by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid was in November 2022When the Minister informed them of the proposal sent to the UK “to make that space a shared prosperity zone”. Albarés stated that Spain, in cooperation with the European Commission, has already put a global proposal on the table, which includes provisions on the movement of people, with the aim of removing the fence and thus ensuring full fluidity of the movement of people. Among other measures.

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Since then, with Spain’s position on the table, the UK and the EU have held several meetings Rounds of negotiations No agreement has been reached yet, despite the rapprochement and good relationship demonstrated by the current British Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, and the Spanish minister.

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