Prince Harry demands protection so his family is ‘safe’ in the UK

prince EnriqueOn Thursday, the Duke of Sussex argued before the Supreme Court in London that the United Kingdom could not be a home for his family “If it is not possible to keep them safe.”

King Charles III’s son, who did not attend Thursday’s hearing, is waging a legal battle against the British Home Office’s decision –Home officeHe withdrew police protection when he visited the United Kingdom, after the Duke of Sussex stopped working for the royal family in 2020.

In the written statement submitted by the Prince’s legal team in his complaint against that ministry regarding the change in security arrangements upon his visit to this country, the Prince indicates that he and his wife, Meghan was forced to leave the UK in 2020, when she distanced herself from the British monarchy.

“The United Kingdom is my home, the key to my children’s heritage and a place where I want them to feel as much at home as they do now in the United States,” the Duke claimed, according to an excerpt of the text. One of his lawyers read it.

something “This cannot happen if it is not possible to keep them safe while on British soil.”“he added.

He also said in the statement that he refuses to expose his wife “to this danger,” in the same way he “reluctantly” exposes himself to “unnecessary danger,” which he alluded to in their statements. “Your own experiences in life.”

Last Tuesday, his lawyers began presenting arguments to achieve protection for the Duke of Sussex and his family during their visits to the United Kingdom.This came after the Ministry of Interior refused to continue providing “the same degree” of personal protection.

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The decision was made by the Royal and Public Personalities Executive Committee (RAVEC), which looks after the security of the royal family and foreign dignitaries, after Prince Harry left the UK in 2020.

This is one of several occasions in which the Duke of Sussex faced the British judiciary to obtain the protection that was withdrawn from him, after he was deprived last May of the option himself. They will pay public servants for their own security.

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