More than 2,800 people were killed as a result of the Moroccan earthquake

Moroccan authorities confirmed that more than 2,800 people were killed by the earthquake that struck late Friday in the High Atlas region, in the latest casualty update published by the Interior Ministry on Monday.

Specifically, the government recorded 2,862 deaths, while the number of infected people reached 2,562, according to what was reported by the Hespress news portal. Al Haouz Governorate was the most affected by the earthquake, which is already considered the deadliest natural disaster in recent decades.

Meanwhile, the authorities continue to work to help the affected areas, although so far they have only accepted assistance from Spain, the United Kingdom, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Other countries have also offered to send teams, without Rabat’s approval at the moment.

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Meanwhile, the head of the Moroccan Council of Advisors, or Senate, Inaam Mayara, warned that reconstruction would take “five or six years.”

Mayara said, in her speech today, Monday, during a joint meeting of the financial committees of the two chambers of the Moroccan Parliament, that she requested that “this moment be an appropriate moment to think about the future.”

He added: “We hope that this spirit of solidarity will continue. The private fund is the ideal solution to collect all donations and anticipate the future.”

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