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he Green comet It can be seen in Mexico During some days in September 2023, as they recently explained.

It will be possible to do this without the need for special equipment, below we tell you the dates and at what time to do it.

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How was the green comet discovered?

Hideo NishimuraThe amateur astronomer was the one who made the discovery Green kitewhich bears the name C/2023, p. 1. Recent data from the US Propulsion Laboratory a pot They point out that it is a long-period comet and has an orbit, so its passage at its closest point to the sun will take 520 years.

When can you see the green comet in Mexico?

As confirmed by UNAM International Magazine, Green kite It is already visible from this moment until Saturday, September 16 Mexico. but, It can be viewed for only two days (September 12-13) without special equipment They recommend seeing it during sunset.

In the Southern Hemisphere, you will not be able to enjoy this cosmic body except in the period from September 20 to 25, as we indicated.

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UNAM explained how to see the green comet with special equipment

Only on September 12 and 13, 2023, the green comet will be seen without special equipmentHowever, if you want to watch it on any other day, you will need apps like Star Walk 2 And Stellarium.

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“If you would like to observe the comet on another day during the period from September 7 to 16, this can be done although we will need help from apps such as Star Walk 2 and Stellarium to guide us.”

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