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Falkland Islands: More health checks for travelers from the Falkland Islands to the UK

Friday, December 3, 2021 – 23:02 UTC

MLA Hansen, “Understanding the new procedure from a UK government perspective

Passengers traveling from the Falkland Islands to the north, UK, will have to self-isolate so they don’t test negative for PCR, on the second day of arrival, according to a November 30 clause from the UK’s Ministry of Defense.

Falkland Islands lawmaker-elect Ian Hansen in an interview with The Weekly penguin news, Who has questioned the ruling as there is no community transmission of the virus on the islands, and commented on the matter? You have to see the issue from the perspective of the UK government??.

“They faced a very difficult situation during the pandemic, especially in the beginning, so it is understandable that they are taking all necessary measures to protect and secure their population?

MLA Hansen confirmed that the change for northbound travelers will not have any impact on southbound travelers.

?? Our provisions for travelers entering the Falkland Islands remain unchanged, but as you know, our Covid 19 response measures are under constant review to ensure they remain fit for the purpose of continuing to protect our community??

MLA Hansen assured the public that “the Chief of Islands Medical Services continues to work closely with UK health authorities and agencies to keep us well informed of developments.”

“This information is regularly reviewed and evaluated by the Strategic Planning Management Group, prior to submission to the Executive Board for any changes introduced as necessary.” (PN)

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