Zorro Caravan in Guatemala will drive the trip to Esquipulas

In the 63rd edition of this annual event, the intangible cultural heritage of the nation since 2011, the relevant authorities expect the participation of about 70 thousand local residents and also from Nicaragua, El Salvador, the United States and Panama, among other countries.

Participants maintain the tradition of traveling a distance of 222 kilometers to visit the image of Black Christ, in an initiative that combines creativity and ingenuity with costumes and decorations on classic or modern motorcycles.

Organizing committee member Eddie Villa explained that the main thing is to leave and arrive without problems, so he called for following instructions along the way.

On behalf of the thousands of pilgrims, national and international motorcyclists, he thanked the intervention of each institution.

Deputy Minister of the Interior for Information and Communications Technology, William Cameros, asked that this activity be conducted responsibly and spiritually.

The Municipality of Esquipulas announced the implementation of the Prohibition Ordinance, which will prohibit the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads starting at 6:00 AM local time on Saturday until 6:00 PM on Sunday.

The National Civil Police decided to have a contingent of about 400 members from different units, while members of the Guatemalan Army would also intervene.

The General Directorate of Road Protection and Safety stated that during the journey along the highway leading to the Atlantic Ocean, there will be checkpoints and assistance to protect travelers.

The first such pilgrimage began in February 1961, when Ruben Villadelion, nicknamed Zorro and father of the group's current coordinator, gathered six friends to make a trip to that place.

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As time passes, expectations increase for a connection to this phenomenon, which is one of the most deeply rooted cultural elements in the country.

Commander Eddie Villadelion expressed that the caravan is a pilgrimage, with the Esquipulas waiting for the bikers with open arms.


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