Moisture and leaks made the amphitheater of the College of Medical Sciences uninhabitable

And the college authorities warned, in a statement published on the foundation’s website, that the damage is “almost complete, the product of rainwater that has been flowing en masse for several months. The damage was also recorded in legal and doctoral consultancy offices.”

It is indicated in the letter that last year’s budget for the National University of Rosario included repairing the roofs of the college’s east dome, but the works only started in November and are still incomplete. The business, with a budget of ten million pesos, was again part of this year’s investment outlook.

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“On frequent occasions, the United Nations Building Policy Secretariat (responsible for bid, tender, separation and inspection for the restoration of the East Wing Dome) has warned us that there is no minimum coverage to avoid water ingress during rain after removal. These facts have been verified by a notary since over of a month producing what we considered could constitute apparent neglect,” the college noted.

This week, the consequences of business delays were revealed: rain entered through the roofs and flooded the two rooms.


The Dean of the College, Jorge Molinas, indicated that both spaces are necessary for the return of direct activities for first and second year students, which are the most massive ones. The doctor noted that during the pandemic, the mandatory final practice that occurred in the last year of study was maintained, and that last February, classroom activities for third, fourth and fifth graders, medicine, nursing, and speaking were resumed. Psychiatric treatment.

“We are now planning a mixed class program for first and second graders, but the lack of space is a complex matter,” Molinas explained.

The dean of the college indicated that during these two years, “we take care of the maintenance and repair of the college building with our own money.” Among other things, the central dome was restored, and new classrooms, restrooms, kitchen, and dressing rooms were built; But the cost of isolating the east wing is more than the amounts available to the college.

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And as summed up in the statement signed by the authorities of the study house, “We live in grief and regret over the situation, and the cost of repairing the damages is estimated at more than ten million pesos” and they state that the President of the University demanded urgent repair of the roofs of this section of the college and the rebuilding of the terraces, “because This situation seriously affects the availability of spaces for the development of face-to-face activities.”

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