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Not only was Ana Martin known for her performance in television and film, but she also had the pleasure of being the first Mexican actress to participate in one of the most important beauty pageants, such as Miss Mondo.

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In 1963, at only 17 years old, Ana Beatriz Martinez Solorzano, the full name of the actress, ventured into the world of modeling. She was chosen to represent Mexico in the Miss World pageant He traveled to London, England, to compete.

Anna Martin prepared to give her best and the ability to stand out among the 39 contestants with whom she will share the stage at the Lyceum Theatre. However, her experience was controversial, as she was excluded from the big party.

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After the first elimination round, there were only 15 finalists out of the 39 participants. The telenovela actress reached the second round of the qualifying rounds and was selected among the top seven candidates who would compete for the title of Most Beautiful Woman in the World in 1963.

The 15-year-old Mexican actress (Image: Instagram / Ana Martin)

Why was Anna Martin disqualified from the 1963 Miss World contest?

Anna Martin so prominently participated in the competition, that she won the “national costumes” and “swimwear” categories. Even many rulers were pleased with the features of the Mexican model. However, small details robbed the dream of crowning herself the new Miss World title.

One of the rules of the beauty pageant was that participants must be of legal age to be able to compete, but Anna Martin was not aware of the rule. So after checking his papers and checking his passport, they realize he is 17 years old. So it was automatically disqualified.

Anna Martin V "oyuki's sin" (Photo: Instagram / Anna Martin)
Anna Martin in “The sin of Oyuki” (Image: Instagram / Ana Martín)

Finally, France, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden and Jamaica were the countries that reached the Grand Final of the competition, the latter being the ones to take the crown. Carol Crawford is the name Miss Mondo 1963.

A few days ago, the Mexican actress used her official Instagram account to remember this unforgettable moment in her life. Put in the photo description the following: “#TBT since I was Miss World in Mexico in 1963. You already know the story: I was disqualified from the competition for being 17.”

Although Anna Martin did not succeed in obtaining the crown, When he arrived in Mexico he got his first role on the big screenIn Marcelo y María, directed by Gilberto Martinez Solaris. From that moment he began to add successes to his career, achieving significant participation in cinema and television.

Over the years he has participated in more than 30 TV series and about 50 films. Among the most prominent productions are: “Stepmom”, “Tomorrow Forever”, “Duel of Emotions”, “True Love”, “Ruby” and others.

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