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Nowadays, the integration of voice assistants and smart speakers such as Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit are increasingly being seen in homes. They turn out to be great allies and companions for anyone, from helping you turn on your favorite playlist, to taking full control of your smart devices at home, like light bulbs and even cleaning robots. For this reason and because it adapts to users of almost all ages, with different languages ​​and thousands of other configurations, we appreciate our beloved Alexa.

Despite all the positive aspects that this and other assistants may represent, we remember that your privacy should always be an important point of value in all the smart devices you use.

Read on for helpful tips on how to protect your privacy and clear your conversation history or whatever Alexa is listening to in your home.

But how is this possible?

When we interact with smart devices, we activate Alexa with the word “Alexa.” These recordings are stored in the cloud, but you can delete them from the app. Alexa And schedule your retention.

Although it is feared that Alexa records all conversations, it only records when the keyword is activated, or at least that is what Amazon says. Recordings are encrypted and saved to improve user experience, but you can set them to be deleted periodically.

He always doubts everything and takes care of the little children at home.

Amazon has faced criticism over privacy, admitting in 2019 to retaining some Alexa data indefinitely. according to Chataka GateIn July 2023, they were fined $25 million for keeping recordings of minors' voices longer than necessary.

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Delete your audio history

If what you want is to completely delete the recording history associated with your voice, we'll tell you how to do it step by step.

From the Alexa app

FirstlyOn your phone, open the Alexa app and find the “More” tab on the bottom right side of your screen.

second: Enter the settings option

third: Open Alexa Privacy

room: Then choose Review audio history

Check out Alexa's history, and Teach Me About Science credits

FifthA menu will appear allowing you to filter your history by date. Choose the All History option or (Delete all recordings)

VI: On your screen, you'll see all of your voice history that Alexa has.

Seventh: Choose the option to delete all my recordings

eighth: Finally, confirm the delete option, this is the last step.

This way you will have already deleted all the data related to your voice.

Action using sound directly

Or if you prefer, you can also do it through your voice, just ask yourself Alexa Which deletes all recording history, it will ask you if you are sure as all data collected and associated with your voice will be completely deleted. If you're sure, say yes.

Safety tips you should take into consideration

To use your Alexa safely, change your wake word to prevent accidental activations, regularly review and delete stored recordings, set PIN codes for purchases and access sensitive features, disable voice purchases if you don't need them, enable automatic updates to maintain security and disable unsolicited skills. Users can configure voice recognition for accuracy, set time limits for interactions, check connected devices, and review and adjust privacy settings in the Alexa app. These simple tips help protect your privacy and maintain safe use of your device.

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