Mike Tyson’s most ‘ridiculous’ buy

Mike Tyson is a celebrity of the moment. With his life as a professional boxer, he was able to indulge in exquisite luxuries. These include late-model cars and horrific mansions. However, on this occasion he surprised us with a certain purchase that elicited the reactions of many of his fans. We tell you more details below.

former boxer Mike Tyson, Keep recording. He is one of the most feared men in the history of boxing, and in turn one of the most controversial. However, today he does not cease to amaze us with his manifestations. On this occasion, being part of a violent event made him the protagonist again. Tyson in trouble again?

Everything seems to indicate yes. however, This time Mike surprised us with a very special purchase that got the reactions of thousands of fans.. With a thriving career, and with all the luxuries around him, he didn’t hesitate for a second to make a special gift for Robin Givens, who was his wife at the time. For this reason, as the first Christmas gift and finally the last, but undoubtedly an unforgettable thing, Tyson gave him a solid gold bathtub worth $2 million.

Nothing less could be expected from the former boxer, who didn’t care if anything was in his way. It was nothing very popular at the time, other than cartoons and Scrooge McDuck. Tyson did not want to be any less, and he literally happened to swim in golden pairs. A rather capricious purchase by the American, who squandered his money like a champ.

Mike Tyson Gold Bath Tub.

Little by little we see how he raised his head again after he went bankrupt. Although nothing was the same, today he gives himself the pleasure of enjoying some luxuries. Among them we can mention his incredible Rolls Royce Cullinan Who stole all eyes.

A luxury sedan with a top speed of 250 km/h and a powerful V12 engine. This design has A value in excess of $2 million, something that doesn’t seem to be a problem at the moment for the former boxer. One of the designs that have been added to his garage that he is currently enjoying. As we can see, he again chose this brand from the UK, which is distinguished by its luxurious and very comfortable designs. Once again, Mike Tyson shines once again with his gorgeous ensemble.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Model.
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