Microsoft’s patented program recreates dialogues with the dead

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As in the Superman movies and series where the hero can talk to his deceased father through recordings made before his death, now Microsoft holds a patent for software that allows people to enter into a dialogue with people who have died Thanks to a technology called chatbots.

It is a collection of photos, audio recordings and posts on social networks of Recreate the dialogues With your loved ones or relatives.

The patent document explains how this new technology will operate. “A specific person can correspond to a past or present entity, such as a friend, relative, acquaintance, celebrity, fictional character, historical figure, random entity, etc. A specific person can also fit into himself“.

in this meaning, Microsoft develops 2D or 3D models for people To enhance the dialogue experience as if this person was here.

Examples of this type of technology are already in development in other companies. For example, Eugenia Queda, co-founder of Luka, who recreated a chatbot conversation with her boyfriend Roman Mazurenko, who died in a traffic accident, using 8,000 text messages.

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