“Queen’s maneuver”, Catalan chess

Resorting to chance may not be sufficient to determine what happened to the family business Reconditioned Ferrer, Located in La Garriga (Barcelona), it has been a manufacturer of chessboards for more than 50 years who has discovered from day to day that the boards that have appeared in the Netflix series Maneuvering mrs They came from his factory. Unlimited imagination and fixtures are needed to double the usual production (20,000 panels per year), and the base stock is out of stock and cannot meet the demands of France, UK, USA, Canada, Australia or Japan.

Joan Ferrer, representing the company’s third generation of owners, advocates manufacturing panels as a trade, not an industrial process, since production is largely manual. “You know them the way you know your children,” he says, and then the workers in the chain recognized them at the first turn. Not all are autograph, but most of them do. David, Joan’s son, comments that it usually takes six to eight weeks to get an order ready and that until September or October it will be impossible to submit more. “We are 12 people, and we don’t even have commercials. At first I thought the chess series wouldn’t be successful. In the end it was the series. The most exciting scene for me is the last stage, when the camera flies over the players and our boards, a model inlaid in red and yellow on The baroque style we make for a German client, who was the one who introduced the league production team. “

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It is estimated that during the first four weeks of the broadcast, 62 million households began to see the actress in action Anya Taylor Joy Before the Catalan councils. Number of registrations in the portal chess.comA community of chess players that allows you to play and take lessons, multiplied by five. Dashboard searches on eBay increased by 250%. In his book How life imitated chess Gary Kasparov The series advisor, asserts that the key ingredients for playing well are memory and imagination, because before the board you have to think outside of bounds. Rechapados Ferrer is waiting for a potential second season who wants to meet deadlines with his clients.

Save the blackboard I keep in my father’s house, a gift from my first company. It’s from Rechapados Ferrer, May 1984. The lady who gave it to me is no longer in this world. When I put the horse down, my most precious piece, I conjure up Elias Kanetti from The torment of flies: “When knowledge grows, its shape changes. There is no uniformity in true knowledge. All real jumps are performed laterally, like a horse jumps in a chess. What unfolds in a straight line and is perceptible has nothing to do with the topic. What is crucial is twisted knowledge, above all Something side knowledge ”.

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