Microsoft introduces Loop: a new Office tool that brings Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams functionality into one place


November 7, 2021 01:54 GMT

The service will be available to Microsoft 365 subscribers and will sync via cloud storage.

Microsoft introduced Loop, a new application based on its Fluid platform for collaborative and simultaneous editing of many Office documents in real time, reach Through her official blog.

The tool brings Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams functionality together in one place for increased convenience and productivity.

Allows you to edit documents Copy and paste pieces of content from one program to another independently and share these portable items with other users.

The service will be available to subscribers Microsoft 365 It will be synced via cloud storage.

The way Microsoft Loop works is based on three basic elements:

  • plug ring: Content items that can exist in parallel in different programs and that can be edited by multiple users at the same time in the same way as Google Docs. For example, a list shared across a Teams channel or notes in a calendar entry that can be inserted into an Outlook email and written by multiple collaborators.
  • Episode workspaces: It acts as a project panel that includes a list of all Loop components, allowing you to see which users are editing any of the items at any time in real time.
  • repeat pages: It works like a drawing board or a whiteboard where you can share loop components or even content created in other apps by project members, being able to edit all these in real time in one space.

Some Loop functionality within Teams, Office, and OneNote is expected to begin rolling out during November, while the main Microsoft Loop app will be released later, likely in the next few months.

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