UK rallies for climate justice (+ photo)

In London, a diverse stream of students, workers, pacifists, political party activists and environmentalists marched from the Bank of England in the Financial District to central Trafalgar Square.

At the head of the demonstration a large billboard warned that “the era of fossil fuel financing is over! Climate justice now!”

A young woman who held a sign calling for “regime change, not climate change,” who preferred not to be identified, told Prensa Latina that it was time for world leaders to listen to our demands.

There were also demonstrations in Birmingham, Sheffield and dozens of other British cities, although the epicenter was Glasgow, as Global Action Day this Saturday coincided with the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in that Scottish city. Since last Sunday.

The Glasgow rally, which included among its protagonists dozens of Aboriginal representatives, set a precedent for the protest organized the day before the Friday for the Future Movement, in which the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg asserted that COP26 had failed.

In fact, several posters displayed on Saturday in the Scottish city read “No More Bellablabla,” a reference to Thunberg’s appeal to world leaders.

COP26, due to expire on November 12 after two weeks of negotiations, is seen as one of the last opportunities for governments to implement measures aimed at limiting the planet’s temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and bringing the planet’s temperature down to zero. Carbon emissions, as agreed in Paris 2015.


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