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Mexico will support Haiti in the presidential elections next September and in drafting a new constitution. All this within the framework of cooperation between the two countries, presented the new ambassador of the island in our country, Hugo Vecier.

The Caribbean country is witnessing an escalation of political and social tensions which were exacerbated on February 7 when President Juvenil Moise denounced that opposition to his government was planning a coup.

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At the beginning of the year, the Haitian government announced a referendum on April 25 to change its constitution, while elections will be held on September 19 to elect a new president and lawmakers. A few days earlier, on February 23, Haiti announced that it would delay the referendum to vote on the new constitution promoted by Moise until 27 June.

The opposition in that country criticized the new draft constitution because it sought to abolish the Senate and replace the prime minister’s position with the personality of a vice president elected at the same time with the president of the republic.

But Haiti has allies from abroad, and one of them is Mexico. Hugues Vecier confirmed that the Mexican government made clear its support for the Haitian referendum at the United Nations Security Council. “Counselor Marcelo Ebrard will help us,” he said.

At the United Nations Security Council, the government of Mexico has given us excellent support in the process of political stabilization in Haiti. This came during the assessment conducted within the Security Council on the social, economic and humanitarian situation in Haiti, with the aim of the upcoming electoral processes next September.

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The ambassador also said that on February 16, at the National Palace, “I asked President Lopez Obrador for his support in organizing a referendum, drawing up a new constitution and holding general elections to elect a new president. The current head of state, Juvenil Moss, expires on February 7, 2022. “

In an interview with El Sol de México, in the boardroom of the diplomatic headquarters, the young ambassador spoke, in a voice of the nuances of the French language, categorically about the institutional fragility of his country and the need for reforms to strengthen its democracy. Overcoming challenges.

He said that the Mexican ambassador to the United Nations, Juan Ramón de la Fuente, at the Security Council session on February 22nd, considered the situation in Haiti “a priority issue for the region and this requires the support of the international community.”

What is the political situation in your country?

The political situation is that the President of Haiti ended his term on February 7, 2022, but the opposition wanted to distance himself from him for a year, and it seems that there were intentions to turn against him. But thank God, the whole process will continue within the law. President Juvenil Moss will end his term of office the year he left …

Did you ask President Lopez Obrador to support logistics and hold elections in Haiti?

-Yeah. This is what we are looking for. I have written to the State Department the support I am looking for. Yesterday, I was very, very happy to see the Mexican government at the United Nations support us in everything we need to do for the elections.

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Cultivate life up to Haiti

Regarding the Quatroute government, the new ambassador indicated that President Lopez Obrador had promised him to renew scholarships for young Haitian university students.

On the day I submitted my credentials, I spoke with the President of the Republic if I could renew them. He promised me that he would work on it. There are 300 in force currently. They are for university students. “

Haiti, he added, is seeking to emulate the Sowing Life program to support 20,000 farmers in reforestation with germplasm of Haitian soil. Recent hurricanes have affected a lot, every year these phenomena cause huge losses ranging from 60 to 80 percent in the field.

Regarding Haitian irregular migration passing through Mexico in search of access to the United States, the diplomat indicated that he had also discussed this issue with President Lopez Obrador. “He promised me that he would do something.”

He added that the problem with these immigrants “is that they all have residency from Chile, from Brazil, but if they arrive here, at Mexico City International Airport, the immigration authorities say that there is a” conflict “in the interview and they return them to Chile or Brazil and there is nothing. We can do. Nothing, nothing. “

They are citizens who do not come from the island but from the south of the continent. They left Haiti around 2014, 2015, to build the Olympic Games facilities in Brazil, in 2016. Haitians who arrived in Chile, at that time, didn’t need a visa. Chileans gave them their permanent visas. But now they no longer want to stay in the South but cross into the United States in search of a better life there.

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With the new government of President Joe Biden, stranded Haitians in various countries set out on a journey to the lands of North America. “The new government promised a salary of $ 15 an hour, but this is not a reality yet, and we have to wait for the approval of the US Congress to do so,” Hughes Vickier said.

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