Mexico will meet rivals in the Gold Cup in July

Only 3 months remain until the summer tournament will be held, as Mexico will seek to restart the tournament. The problem is that not all of the teams that will play have yet to be decided, which is why the Mexican national team will not face its rivals in the Gold Cup until July.

The tournament is held in the United States.

This edition of the Gold Cup is scheduled to start on July 10, when they decided for several months that they would maintain the form of the group stage, semi-final and final, which will take place on August 1 to meet the new CONCACAF champion. .

Mexico already has a secured live ticket, as does the United States, but there are still many options that must be made if to participate. This is why a preliminary match will be held to find all the teams that will receive tickets for the 2021 Gold Cup.

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Will end on July 6th.

That is why Mexico’s rivals will know them in the 2021 Gold Cup until that date. The “trio” is part of Group A, where El Salvador and Curaçao are already there and the latter will be one of those who pass the preliminary stage, which may be among the remaining 12 teams.

This is how you’ll play the primer:

Round 1 – July 2 and 3:

Haiti vs Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Guatemala vs Guyana

Trinidad and Tobago v Monserrate

Cuba vs French Guiana

Guadalupe vs The Bahamas

Bermuda vs Barbados

Second round – July 6

Winner 1 vs Winner 6

Winner 2 vs Winner 5

Winner 3 vs Winner 4

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