Mexico is unable to stop the new migrant caravan – Prensa Latina

Uniformed men were unable to prevent the progress of more than four thousand participants in the event organized yesterday in Tapachula, Chiapas, and featuring several minors, one of whom was reported injured in attempts to persuade.

The operation took place in the town of Viva Mexico, about two and a half kilometers from Tapachula, where dozens of men in uniform and wearing anti-riot equipment were waiting for them, according to press reports.

These media describe that agents surrounded the group of men, women, and children under a bridge, but especially the young men rushed towards the shields and broke the fence.

Reports added that a Guatemalan minor was shot in the head during the conflict, where he was treated by Beta Group agents.

After being dragged and beaten up for a few minutes, most of the foreigners passed the police fence on the coastal highway, where the customers retreated to avoid confrontation.

The media add that the group has finally arrived in the community of Alvaro Obregón to spend the night and this Sunday will try to continue on their way to the country’s capital.

In the end they let us pass because there was a lot of press, said Luis García Villagran, director of the Center for Human Dignity, but he expressed concerns that during the night authorities would try to break up the convoy.

He explained that the battalion remained compressed and more people joined it, as he estimated that a total of four thousand migrants would participate in the mobilization.

Among them, he said, are more than 60 pregnant women and more than a thousand children, many of whom have disabilities, as well as sick men and at least a dozen people who use wheelchairs. This is a real exit from poverty, he said, and what we’re seeing is causing a lot of pain.

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Led by Ireneo Mujica, Director of Pueblos Sen Fronteras, and García Villagran, the migrants, mostly from Central America, left in a caravan at 07:00 local time, yesterday from Tapachula’s Bicentennial Park to Mexico City, in protest against delays in handing over documents so they could from residing legally or crossing the country.

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