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Sports Editorial (US), November 24.- If LeBron James has not forgotten one thing since he began flirting with fame, it is his assets. He never gave up being a boy from Akron, Ohio, and today he can boast important sports records such as being the all-time leading scorer in the NBA, but also achieve other great accomplishments off the court.

The joys are piling up, because after becoming the first player to exceed 39,000 points on Tuesday against the Jazz, on Saturday, November 25, “The King” will open his own museum, which will be called “LeBron James’ Home Stadium.”

Not many legends have a dedicated space, and what makes it even more special is that they open in their hometown.

It is a tribute dedicated to the player and the multiple records he achieved in his career, but without forgetting his origins and his contribution to the society in which he grew up.

It also reflects the entrepreneurial profile of LeBron, who over all these years has diversified his interests outside of the hardwood.

The opening of the exhibition is scheduled to coincide with the Lakers’ visit to the Cavaliers next Saturday, marking another return for LeBron to play against his former team, but this time with the bonus of seeing a project he is already working on. Work for two years.

“I would say this museum is what interests me the most, there are many years behind it. I think we will get visitors excited to see how far I have come and the influence my family has had. There is no better place to do that than House 330 to help everyone there. My museum would be great “LeBron James himself commented on the social networks of his foundation.

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House 330 is the headquarters of the LeBron James Family Foundation and is located in downtown Akron. This organization has been working since 2004 to help the community.

In March, this facility was expanded and offers families access to community areas and high-level sports and cultural facilities.

Tickets cost $23, another nod, this time to her number, with free admission for children up to five. Everything the museum raises will be reinvested into the Akron community itself.

“It has always been my dream to put Akron on the map. Having a place in my hometown that allows me to share my career with fans from all over the world means a lot to me,” LeBron commented in an interview during an event for his foundation at the beginning of the year.

It will be a special place with multimedia areas, such as the one that recreates the apartment in which he and his mother Gloria lived. “I’m known for having accomplished a lot of things over the years, and I always knew there would be a time and a place to highlight them,” LeBron said, referring to his new museum.

Among the exhibits are the white suit he wore on draft night in 2003, his jersey from the McDonald’s All American game, as well as an original scoreboard and basket from St. Vincent-St. Maryam, who started playing with it.

A series of objects that, if put up for auction, would fetch millions of dollars, will be on display at the museum from this week.

For Michelle Campbell, the foundation’s executive director, the goal of this place isn’t just for local Akron fans to visit.

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“We definitely want this to be a destination for everyone who wants to come, these facilities will open doors for anyone interested in visiting the city,” he said.

The story line begins in his small apartment in Spring Hill, leading to his years at St. Vincent-St. Marie, a place for kids with a different profile than LeBron and his friends, but that gave them scholarships and allowed them to study at this center; There they showed very high performance with the basketball team, which they declared state champions on three occasions.

What’s on display at the museum doesn’t just refer to basketball. “You can see the TV he used to watch matches from home on, the computer he used to do his schoolwork on, and his first trophy when he started out,” Michel says.

His successes outside the NBA are also reflected, such as winning Olympic gold medals with the United States at the Beijing and London Olympics, as well as a replica of his current office in Los Angeles, from which he does most of his entrepreneurial work with various companies. Commercial projects.

Part of the exhibit recognizes James’ entrepreneurial personality, and it’s no coincidence that last May he became the first active basketball player to become a billionaire. His smart investments have also led him to shine in business.

LeBron founded the “Fenway Sports” group with his friend Maverick Carter, with which they invested in sports enterprises such as the Boston Red Sox or Liverpool FC, in addition to being the main driving force in the attempt to acquire an NBA expansion franchise. , presumably in Las Vegas.

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“Blaze Pizza” is his restaurant chain, “Ladder” is his sports nutrition company, “Lobos” is his tequila… and so on you can keep going until you understand why LeBron James turns everything he touches into gold. It seems clear that his move to Los Angeles was not only for sporting reasons.

Many of these successes LeBron always referred to Akron, which is why the name of his California-based entertainment production company is “Spring Hill Company,” because that is also the name of the modest apartments where his mother raised him. Gloria.

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