Mexico and the United States have submitted their bids for the 2031 Women’s World Cup

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The Mexican Football Federation, in cooperation with the United States Soccer Federation, announced its intention to apply to host the 2031 Women’s World Cup.. This decision comes after withdrawing from the race to host the tournament in 2027.

In a joint statement posted on social media, The leaders of the two federations expressed their enthusiasm and commitment to organizing an unforgettable and fair tournament. This strategic decision to run in 2031 will allow them to build on the lessons learned and the success of the program men’s World Cup 2026, As well as strengthening and preparing a Women’s World Cup Without equality.

He added: “(Doing so in 2031) will allow us to build on the lessons learned and the success of the 2026 World Cup, better support host cities, expand our partnerships and media agreements, and continue to engage with our fans so that we can organize a record-breaking tournament.” “, the statement said.

Officials of the two federations expressed their enthusiasm to submit the joint bid to host the 2031 Women’s World Cup. They stressed that this event will not only be a milestone in the history of women’s football, but will also be an enriching experience for all sports fans.

FMF President Ivar Sisnija He expressed his conviction of the importance of this historic step: “We are fully committed to hosting an unforgettable Women’s World Cup, which will benefit both players and fans. This is an exciting time for women’s football and we look forward to contributing to the continued growth and development of the sport.”

For this part, US Soccer President Cindy Barlow Cohnhighlighted the commitment to providing fair experiences for all players and fans: “Changing our bid will allow us to host a historic World Cup in 2031, which will help promote women’s football around the world. We are proud to join forces with Mexico to create an event that celebrates excellence and diversity in sport,” he added.

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