The Da Vinci Science Center creates interactive experiences using Ideum

In the Curiosity Hall exhibition hall there is a 17-meter wall that shows a huge 3D projected world an idea It was designed and built. Connected to this surface is nine Drafting II 43″ touch screen tables, Users can create their own creations to add to this immersive environment.

Ideum at the Da Vinci Science Centerhe Da Vinci Science Center It was recently moved to Allentown (Pennsylvania) and Ideum partnered with DSC to create and install the exhibits.

Multidisciplinary design company broken I reached out to Ideum to partner with them on the visualization and infrastructure design of the space Hall of curiosityWhich is located in the new location of the Da Vinci Science Center. His contributions included creative and character development, 3D design and programming of multi-user interactions, as well as the construction and installation of the AV system that supports the four-story high projection.

Ideum at the Da Vinci Science CenterThe Curiosity Hall is one of the Science Center’s permanent exhibition areas and houses three interactive exhibits that seek to explore the essence of Leonardo da Vinci’s curiosity. Each has been designed to align with the artist’s three main areas of study: art, engineering and human physiology, while inspiring visitors to be active participants in the experience.

Upon entering this exhibition hall, visitors are drawn to the north wall. Its height is 17 meters, and its surface is a huge world Projected in 3D Designed by Ideum and built in Unity. Related to this projection is nine Drafting II 43″ touch screen tables, Where users can create their own creations to add to Immersive world. They can also explore the different artistic styles used by da Vinci during the Renaissance, design their own imaginative flying machines, or learn how everyday choices affect health and fitness.

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Ideum at the Da Vinci Science CenterAll creations made at the touch tables are then created in a huge world and presented alongside the creations of other participants, creating a shared world to which all visitors can contribute.

Ideum was the lead concept and UX designer for all three apps with input from Roto and the Da Vinci Science Center.

“We produced the technical and engineering applications, while Ruto took care of the fitness part. In addition to the interactions, Ideum also led the design of supporting facilities, including a dedicated display booth, display platform, power and network, all of which support the display infrastructure of more than 36 million pixels and 130,000 lumens. an idea.

The Da Vinci Science Center’s new headquarters at PPL Pavilion in Pennsylvania opened its doors today and took three years to design and two years to build. This attraction, in which ROTA has been mainly involved, offers more than 50 new innovative experiences. It offers four exhibit galleries, including a 5,000-square-foot immersive live otter habitat, and has three times more exhibit space than the previous location on the Cedar Crest College campus.

Ruto worked with the Da Vinci Science Center team to design the four exhibits at the new location: Curiosity Hall, Science in Manufacturing, Lehigh Valley Watershed, and Lehigh Valley Health Network My Body.

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