Mexicans, who were unable to reach the UK due to COVID-19

Like most governments around the world, the UK administration is seeking to protect its citizens from COVID-19 and delta infections through various measures.

Among them, respecting confinement, strengthening the vaccination program against the new virus, maintaining a distance between people, and using face masks on a mandatory basis.

However, this week it has strengthened one of its most powerful measures: the red list, through which countries are identified whose territory people cannot access. Like Mexico, which was recently included in the list.

According to the British embassy, ​​in the Aztec country, there are no exceptions for those Mexicans who have received their doses of COVID-19, unless they have residency in the UK.

In addition, young people from Mexico who have had a visa for more than six months to study in British territory will also be exempted from this procedure, as will all those with British or Irish citizenship who have recently visited Mexican territory.

For the latter cases, those with access must remain isolated in a government-approved facility for 10 days, assuming the costs themselves.

In addition to Mexico, Georgia, Reunion Island and Mayotte joined the red list, joining other countries that were already included, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador and Panama.

Those who decide which countries are on the red list or not are British ministers, who take into account risk assessments provided by the UK’s Joint Biosafety Center (JBC, for English) to make their decision.

Key factors to assess for each country include: surveillance capacity, risk and trends of COVID-19 transmission, and the risk variable.

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Those interested in traveling to the UK soon should be aware of the official UK government pages, where each country’s status will be updated in order to access them.

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