Economics returns to the classroom today

Today UNT School of Economics is back in existence, with a robust biosafety protocol. The 5,800 students from the three majors are not obligated to return if they belong to at-risk groups or live in other provinces or inner cities. Each chair will offer two study alternatives in practical subjects, but theoretical alternatives, especially the first year of it, will be taught by default. However, students without computers or connectivity will be able to attend the faculty, as they will be provided with devices and free Wi-Fi.

In a conversation with LA GACETA, Dean of FACE, Jose Luis Jimenez He explains how the college organizes this unpublished stage:

– How is this the beginning of the second semester?

– We have proposed a dual system, with face-to-face theoretical classes, in a comprehensive manner. This will be our first experience. We divided the practical material into virtual and face-to-face committees, 50% of each method, approximately, according to the possibilities. On the other hand, the theory will be hypothetical because of the number of students. The theories will be hypothetical and the process, virtual face to face.

How did the faculty experience the process of going virtual?

– In August of last year we started returning teachers and non-teachers to organize ourselves. But we had a 12-year resolution that all chairs should have virtual classrooms, and that helped us a lot. But of course it was complicated for many teachers as well as for students. It was too much of a challenge to adapt to virtual reality, in 2020, but we were still able to dictate the entire calendar, with its exam schedules. 2021 we found more experienced. All first semester subjects have been taught and the calendar is being met.

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– What are the criteria by which the roads are regulated?

– First, all the teachers who are ready for this double method were invited. Many accepted the challenge and now we have topics from all years that will be presented face to face and online. Both teachers and students can choose to default if they belong to at-risk groups. We are working with real integration to reduce the technology gap. In the case of students who do not have equipment or lack connectivity and must take theory subjects, we have enabled the library with computers and we also have two laboratories, one of which opened this year, and they are equipped with computers. The college has Wi-Fi, we put optical fibers.

Last year, we made a diagnosis and found that many students had no connection to continue their studies. So we gave them from the college connection grants, in addition to those awarded by UNT.

In the past year, many have been able to submit their finals in person, and students who cannot attend are taken face-to-face virtually. It is a huge challenge for us to be able to provide this potential. It is a great effort for our teachers and staff together with Mr. Liliana Pacheco.

– Do you have many students from other provinces?

– Between 15 and 20% of our students come from other provinces such as Santiago del Estero, Salta, Catamarca and Jujuy. But there are also boys on the inside who will be favored with this possibility to study in the virtual reality that the college offers.

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The School of Economics has new study plans, and is one of the few in the country to be accredited for six years at Coneau. This demonstrates the level and proven standing of our faculty and the National University of Tucumán.

Ward: There will be a settlement session in September

Registration is now open for the academic year 2022 at UNT’s School of Economics. Applicants can register until September 1. Then, from November 6 to 12 of this year, you will have a settlement course according to the default method. The course is intended for applicants to enhance or acquire the knowledge necessary to facilitate the completion of the first year of Bachelor’s degrees, they are National Public Accountant, Bachelor’s in Economics and Business Administration. On the page you will find all the services and information offered by the college.

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