PPT Box showed how social organizations are changing their plans for attending rallies

In the latest edition of “Periodismo para Todos: Box” (PPT), Jorge Lanata presented his latest research on the program. It drew on the work behind the marches led by social movements and how the latter restrict those with fewer resources to attend the mobilization.

The driver recalled last Saturday’s rally from the San Cayetano church led by social organizations. In it, representatives of the sectors most affected by the measures of the epidemic and those affected by poverty in the country marched to demand “decent work and universal wages.”

Lanata began his summary of the report: “The government maintains a struggle with social organizations for the distribution of money and power.” In turn, he spoke of the act that took place in the Plaza de Mayo after the aforementioned mobilization.

It was a show of force by those organizations. In the middle are the people who need something as basic as eating and end up being slaves to the picket line,” added the driver.

During the report, various evidence emerged of these extortions of vulnerable people to attend demonstrations in exchange for social plans. Audios of various references to these groups were shown, talking with attendees about the benefits of attending mobilization.

On the other hand, the audiovisual materials also showed pictures of how the leaders of these organizations organize themselves when rewarding those who participate in the rallies.

In this sense, interviews are also shown with witnesses of the mentioned events and with the mayors of the regions where the last massive mobilization in the country was recorded.

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In turn, there are also testimonies from political leaders who make these events visible and protest against blackmailing people by displaying social plans.

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