Mexican fans leave behind a cry of anti-gayism at Jalisco Stadium

Jalisco Stadium /

It was a round night at the court Mexico Had no problem getting your ticket to Tokyo 2020And outside it, the public and the famous acted Cry anti-gay.

Follow up the alarm FIFA On its own Mexican Football Association Because Yelp appeared in the group stage against United State, Those present at Guadalajara before the Olympics They changed “Eh … pu * o” to “Celito Lindo, for him ‘MexicoAnd the Mexico‘Applause for the players Jaime Lozano.

Fans knew and were warned to be screaming tonight before Canada It can be expensive for the tricolor, which is why Prevailed the mind at Jalisco Stadium.

In the stands there were shouts of judgment Juan Gabriel Calderon Maternal words and other insults, but not that phrase FIFA Indexed as Hate homosexuals.

Also for the Mexican players, they are all supportive. Alexis VegaAnd the Roberto Alvarado s Carlos Rodriguez They were relieved of the applause and shouts of support. Before the meeting, Uriel Anton s Sebastian Cordova Most applause.

In some sectors the goalkeeper redeeming time James PantemisThere were shouts. “Eh … MexicoThis is at the request of the celebrities Candy, Most famous fan of Mexican national team.

After the final whistle there was much joy and joy that Mexico had fulfilled In Tokyo 2020.

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