Meghan Markle’s new business that breaks the British monarchy’s golden rule

As chaos continues to spread in the UK after a controversial retouched photo of Kate Middleton or The alleged lover Prince William, Meghan Markle And the Prince Harry They continue their quiet life in the United States. As if it were a copy royal And the legendary present You to London and I to California, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have transformed the small area into Montecito In his private refuge, away from the media storm.

Regardless of whether they contacted the Princess of Wales or not, the fact is that Meghan Markle You’ve just made a move related to… New business project. She announced this on her social networks, publishing only the logo of this new company, which will be based in Montecito and which she herself founded.

The English media has already pointed this out American Riviera Orchard It’s about a tig 2.0, This is a reinvention of her now-defunct lifestyle blog, which she closed in 2017 as she prepared to marry Prince Harry. Now she’s collecting what she planted during her time as Duchess and relaunching it on Instagram, which already has more than 100,000 followers 300,000 followers.

This is worth noting, considering that the content shared so far is limited to one promotional video, in which the Duchess is shown repairing a device. bouquet Of white roses, baking in her kitchen or taking care of her dog with her sprawling palace as a backdrop, to the tune of the song. I wish you loveBy Nancy Wilson playing in the background.

He did not leave the name to chance either, since the city of Santa Barbara in which they live has been known as the American Riviera for more than 100 years due to its geographical location. Mild climate and lush landscapeIn addition to a strong gastronomic and wine culture.

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The main location of the “American Riviera Orchard”.

But what caught the attention of the most critical was the description in the page’s biography: “For meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. At first glance, it may seem like a harmless definition, but, in the words of real experts, That would break one of the golden rules Which Buckingham imposed on the couple when they left the palace. They may not link the title they relinquished to the commercial benefits they obtained Selling products Lifestyle Through this page. Right now, the only thing the profile calls for is signing up for a waitlist.

The site’s announcement came moments before Prince Guillermo He gave his speech Diana Awards In London, which threatens to overshadow his appearance. he Prince Harry He was also present, but virtually, through a video clip, which showed that the animosity between the two brothers continues to this day.

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