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Saint John, Antigua and Barbuda. – Collaborators from the Greater Antilles in this sister country enjoy the greatest appreciation from its authorities and people. This Wednesday afternoon, member of the Politburo and Vice President of the Republic, Salvador Valdés Mesa, exchanged views with a senior representative of them, who thanked the exemplary service provided by our citizens here.

Health, construction and electricity are the sectors in which our professionals work, who have earned respect for the high qualifications they demonstrate every day, for their solidarity and selflessness.

The largest brigade is the Health Brigade, which includes 77 professionals – most of them women – working in the two hospitals on the two main islands of this small archipelago. Over fifty nursing degrees.

Cuban health cooperation began here on May 4, 2000; Since then, its presence has become permanent and in demand.

Contribution to infrastructure development is also highly appreciated by the people of Antigua. Eight construction specialists, including architects, engineers and mechanics, are strengthening the work of the brigade, which has demonstrated its skills here since 2017.

Those belonging to the Electricity Union, whose brigade currently consists of only two technicians working to develop a transformer restoration project, also have high regard: no one in Antigua forgets the hard work done by Cuban line workers after the passage of the 2017 hurricane, which devastated Practically the island of Barbuda.

In the meeting, Vice President Salvador Valdes Mesa expressed his “gratitude for the important work they are doing, far from home, far from their families, and raising the name of Cuba and the prestige of the revolution.”

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“You are an expression of solidarity and internationalism, especially here in the Caribbean, where we are united by strong bonds of brotherhood.”

He briefed the collaborators on the current situation in Cuba and the difficult times they are going through, yet he assured them that they were working and would move forward.

He told them: At home, we do not sit idly by, and we will also not abandon, despite the difficulties, work in solidarity with the world.

As is the custom of the country’s leadership during its working days abroad, Valdes Mesa also spoke, this Wednesday afternoon, with friends of Solidarity, Antiguans who graduated in the Greater Antilles, and with Cubans residing here.

He thanked the Solidarity Movement for its constant support for Cuba, and also thanked the local authorities for their vote every year in favor of the United Nations General Assembly resolution demanding the lifting of the American economic, commercial and financial blockade.

Ample space is also devoted to explaining current Cuban news, the difficulties our people are going through, as well as everything that is being done to overcome adversity.

In a conversation with Cuban residents in Antigua and Barbuda, he spoke about the measures that have been taken to strengthen relations with the homeland, as all of us Cubans.

In this exchange, combat veterans, political activists, university graduates and young parliamentarians from Antigua and Barbuda discussed what could be done to support Cuba at this time, and called for action to create a common front in all Caribbean islands. To defend the Greater Antilles and increase solidarity.

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He told them, “Cuba affirms its commitment to never stop providing support.”

picture: Revolution Studies
picture: Revolution Studies
picture: Revolution Studies

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