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Little by little, science is discovering how the universe works and the laws that govern it. Recently, an unprecedented astronomical achievement occurred in some Chinese observatories. Here we tell you more about it.

There is no doubt that the universe is full of mysteries, events of planetary proportions that occur millions of light-years away from our home on Earth, as well as phenomena that occur a little closer to us.

Since the Space Race began on Earth, the discoveries that science has made to humanity have been astonishing, revealing information about how the universe we live in works.

Recently, a previously unanalyzed astronomical breakthrough has been achieved, helping us begin to understand one of the greatest mysteries of our universe: magnetic fields.

An investigation was carried out using the Chinese Five-Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, which has the English abbreviation FAST. This coincides with information captured by another large telescope, the… Square kilometer matrix From Australia.

To understand this new astronomical discovery, the first thing is to clarify a phenomenon that usually appears in space, in nature, and of course artificially thanks to man. Of course, we are talking about magnetic rings.

Let’s imagine a flat CD-shaped object, like those used to listen to music before. Now, imagine rotating each side of the disc’s edges from the outside to the inside, forming a three-dimensional donut-like shape. This is the shape of the torus.

Now, toroidal electromagnetic, according to Fason Rural Universityis the same shape as we just described, but with rings that form magnetic fields in each of the oceans that make up this shape.

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Now, experts responsible for astronomical observations from Earth have found some mysterious structures at some specific points in the Milky Way.

The discovery in question is nothing more and nothing less than that our Galaxy has this ring shape, which is why the Milky Way’s halo gives rise to this unique shape, namely the confinement of gas, light and space dust that surrounds it. Our galaxy.

This magnetic toroid was investigated at the FAST Observatory in China, which revealed that the existence of this spatial structure could be the origin of one of the global forces that causes the most mysteries among the scientific community, objects or electromagnetic fields.

The fact that this magnetic torus exists all around the edge of the Milky Way may be due to the strength of our galaxy’s magnetic fields, which keep all space objects in a chaotic equilibrium: space dust, cosmic rays, and stellar gas, among others.

A great discovery that opens the door to new hypotheses that scientists will certainly continue to work on. The research in question was published in the scientific journal Astrophysical Journal.

This could be an amazing step toward understanding more about our universe, our galaxy, life itself, and the reasons for the laws that govern us.

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