Meghan Markle will demand $80 million from Prince Harry in her divorce suit

Rumors of a breakup between Meghan Markle and the Prince Harry They are nothing new, but now there is talk that they will actually negotiate a divorce and demands that the Duchess of Sussex must sign the separation documents.

The couple moved away British Royal House In order to live a more “normal” life, the plan didn’t work out for them, and the constant exposure and projects they had with the media only cracked their relationship and hurt their business.

In fact the famous journalist Tom Bauer confirmed it Meghan Markle and Prince Harry They lived separate lives and therefore did not celebrate their fifth anniversary together.

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How much does Meghan Markle ask for Prince Harry’s divorce?

Well, the journalist Tom Bauer Share that Meghan Markle fed up of Prince HarrySo in view of the imminent ruin that was befalling them, because the actions they had undertaken did not bring the expected results, they made the decision to divorce.

The divorce process had already begun and the Duchess of Sussex’s demands appeared in the negotiations conducted in this type of operation.

Well, he isThe first thing Meghan Markle demanded is to retain full custody of her two children, Archie and Lilibet DianaIn addition, he also wants financial compensation to sign the divorce without problems.

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It was Prince Harry’s wife who was still asking him for $80 million to separate from hima sum which, if Lady Dee’s youngest son agreed to pay it, would leave him completely penniless.

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