Mexico, the only stagnant economy in the G20 during the fourth quarter of 2021

Mexico It was the only country The G20 (G 20) which – which waterproofing in cfourth quarter of 2021registering zero growth after a 0.7 percent contraction in Third quarteraccording to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

The agency reported that Gross domestic product (GDP) in G 20 increased 1.4 percent in Fourth quarter of the year past in relation to Third quarterwhen it advanced 1.9 percent.

The Countries The most developed countries in the October-December 2021 period compared to the previous quarter were Indonesia 3.9 percent, Australia 3.4 percent, India 1.8 percent, the United States 1.7 percent, and China 1.6 percent.

Meanwhile, Japan slipped 0.3 percent, Mexico recession 0.0 percent, Brazil increased 0.5 percent, Italy grew 0.6 percent, France advanced 0.7 percent in Fourth quarter of 2021.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Pointed out that, for a group 2021According to preliminary estimates, the GDP in the Group of Twenty It rose 6.1 percent after falling 3.2 percent in 2020 due to covid-19 pandemic.

Among the countries G20Turkey recorded the highest growth rate in 2021, at 11.0 percent, followed by India with 8.3 percent, China 8.1 percent, the United Kingdom at 7.5 percent, and France at 7.0 percent.

While Japan recorded the lowest growth at 1.6 percent, followed by Germany with 2.9 percent, Saudi Arabia 3.3 percent, Indonesia 3.7 percent, and Korea 4.0 percent.

in case if Mexicoestimated to be closed 2021 With a growth of 4.8 percent, in the middle of the table of the top 20 economies, after a decline of 8.2 percent in 2020, but less than the official growth of 6.3 percent projected by the Ministry of Finance.

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