Raquel Larena, Regional Director for Southern Europe, UK and Latam HR at Randstad: “Working in multicultural environments is endless learning”

Interview | Raquel Larena, Regional Director for Southern Europe, UK and Latam HR at Randstad: “Working in multicultural environments is endless learning”

Just a few months ago Randstadthe world’s #1 human resources company, names Rachel Larina New Regional HR Leader for Southern Europe, UK and Latin America. This appointment is in support of Randstad’s global strategy to be the world’s most equitable, dedicated talent company, and to invest in in-house talent.

Throughout her talent and culture career, Larina has been prominent in implementing projects with a high impact on the organization’s commitment, such as Development of a matchmaking and telecommuting plan in the RandstadA sector-leading wellness plan or learning and development programme, with mentoring and scholarships particularly desirable, furthering the talent empowerment strategy in its development.

“Human resource managers need to understand our organizations’ strategy more than ever in order to design business models that serve that strategy.”

RRHHDigital was fortunate enough to chat for a few minutes with Larena to find out, among other things, what the main concerns are in the field of HR and what challenges lie ahead.

How is managing human resources at the international level different from managing at the national level?

Human resource management at the international level differs from management at the national level due to a number of factors that affect its focus and scope. As organizations expand into global markets, they face unique challenges managing their human talent across different countries and cultures.

“Working in multicultural environments is endless learning, because what you don’t have in a highly developed geographic area, you can find elsewhere… Frankly, it greatly accelerates learning for organizations and, in particular, for all the professionals we are exposed to.” .to work with interdisciplinary teams,” across the interviewee.

the Talent shortage It has become a pressing challenge for many organizations around the world. In a highly competitive and ever-evolving business environment, finding and retaining highly qualified employees is becoming increasingly challenging. In this talk, the interviewee also tells how this is currently affecting companies.

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during the interview, to RenaHe has also acknowledged experiences that led him to take an interest in people management.

Here you have the interview we did with him a few days ago

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