Meghan Markle: Angry at the treatment she received in the UK and the contempt for Lillipet

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry They have been hurt by the treatment they received in the UK from the public and other members of the royal family during the celebration of the Queen’s 70th anniversary.

According to Heat magazine, The royal couple are angry after they were booed at St Paul’s Cathedral disdain on the part of Prince William and Kate Middletondeclined the invitation to celebrate Lillipet Diana’s first birthday.

Harry and Meghan knew there would be awkward moments, but they had no idea how hostile the reception would be. It was a kick in the teeth that Cambridge didn’t attend. For Megan, it only strengthened her determination not to return.A source told the publication.

The couple attended only one solemn event, the service at St Paul’s Cathedral, but there was applause but also boos from the audience upon their arrival. “Being ridiculed in this way was very difficult for Harry.”

“He tries not to read the negative things written about them, but he couldn’t help it. They were accused of taking advantage of their fame and hunger for money. There was also a lot of applause for them, but You know a part of the audience didn’t want them to come back to Jubilee and it really hurt“.

the next day, Harry and Megan He invited the family to celebrate their daughter Lillipet’s first birthday, but they refused again, because William and Kate They just completed their engagement in Wales and sent just one tweet to their niece, which read: “Have a very happy Lillipett birthday, she’s going to be single today!”

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On the Sussex family’s visit to the UK, William and Harry were very close to each other, arriving and leaving separately, and the organizers of the service at St Paul’s Cathedral made sure that the two brothers were not photographed together.

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