The United Kingdom is strengthening its army to “deter” the alliance between Russia and North Korea

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps recently warned of this matter Visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to North KoreaStressing that it should be taken as a serious “warning.”

Shapps stressed the need to strengthen the armed forces to confront the emergence of this “new axis of tyranny”.

The British Defense Minister described the pictures of the military parade organized in Pyongyang during Putin’s visit as “strange.”

He explained through his social networks that these photos should be considered a “warning” that both countries are working to undermine freedoms.

“By strengthening our armed forces, we will be able to deter them,” Shapps wrote, issuing his warning especially in the domestic context, where snap elections are scheduled for July 4.

He added, “The Labor Party wants to leave us defenseless while our enemies pursue us.”

Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong UnA “strategic partnership” agreement, including a clause on joint defense in the event of aggression, was signed during Putin’s visit, the first in 24 years, according to Europa Press.

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