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“It is not from bread alone that a person lives. I, if I were hungry and helpless in the street, would not ask for a piece of bread; but I would ask for half a loaf and a book. With these words by Federico García Lorca, a Spanish poet who was murdered for his political ideas, his activism through letters and his sexual preference, begins the polyglot of the New Mexican School (NEM). Imagine a world where no one was oppressed because of the color of their skin, their gender, their sexual preference, or their social class. “An education focused on human dignity, solidarity, patriotism, respect, health care, and environmental preservation.” From these premises a book is developed that seeks to cultivate the cultural richness of language, science, and the art of communicating ideas in girls and boys with clarity and empathy. A book that practices inclusion in all its forms. Recognizing the diversity of families, cultures and people.

Four interlinked formative areas in each textbook: Languages, Scientific Knowledge and Thought, Man and Society, Ethics, and Nature and Societies; To make room for an integrated education, without fragmentation, where the parts make up the whole. These relate to the detailed themes: Inclusion, Critical Thinking, Critical Cross-Cultural Interaction, Gender Equality, Healthy Living, Cultural Appropriation and the Arts. The new program starts from the general to the specific: the synthetic programme, which is the general plan of basic training by stage and grade, which leads to the analytical programme, where the diagnosis is made, the contents are contextualized and then to the analytical programme. – Designing educational planning that aims to solve the problems of the school community. Teachers will have the freedom to plan according to their social and cultural contexts, including the entire educational community, with the aim of changing the social reality. that reality in which environmental destruction, poverty and marginalization still exist; Where compliance, fanaticism and ignorance prevail over progress. It is about dropping individual thinking to make room for collective thinking, with which we can be agents of change and build a better panorama.

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Beyond polemics, the straw that covers the reality of the inequality movement through the spread of fear, the sensationalism that hides attempts to preserve a system as decadent as colonialism; If we look at the nobility of the contents and the way they are expressed, we will understand that what is required is to guarantee the right to education and equal opportunities for all. Let’s look outside and consider whether the reality produced by the previous educational system is what we want. Giving NEM a chance opens the way for change. And let history judge us.

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