Fernanda Castillo is going through a new health problem

Fernanda Castillo was hospitalized in January, just days after I became a mother. Photo: AFP

in the beginning of the year Fernanda Castillo spent a few days in the hospital Because of the complications that have arisen After your baby is born It appears Those difficult days are not over yet.

The actress is also now involved He faces a new health problem This made her feel “helpless and angry.”

Fernanda Castillo became a mother In December 2020. Her baby, Liam, is the result of her relationship with actor Eric Heiser. From social networks, the “Lord of the Heavens” star Unleash tenderness Photos of her motherhood Where he embraces and fills his offspring with tenderness.

What new health problem is Fernanda Castillo experiencing?

Through prof Black and white photosAnd the Fernanda Castillo He has been honest with his fans about The difficult days he passes by.

“There are difficult days … days of fear, physical and emotional pain, fatigue, sadness and frustration. Those days that we all have. How do you get out of those days when everything feels like life is raging on you? I ask because I don’t know.”

Fernanda Castillo

Also star of the series “monarch” He did not specifically disclose his health condition, but he made it clear that it had nothing to do with it. COVID-19 or postpartum.

“The last days I’ve spent with a health problem have made me feel helpless and angry and ask myself many times, Why am I? The answer might be: Why not? I am not writing it to provoke anxiety (not a disease or anything related to my children) or to receive encouragement (though I always appreciate your kind wishes and messages), I put it here because sometimes it seems that in this aspect everything is fine and it is everything else ”

Fernanda Castillo

The actress ended her message by expressing her hope that this stage would soon pass.

“There are also days like this here, difficult days that you hope will end soon, like the ones you go through sometimes.”

Fernanda Castillo

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