Fenafuth protects David Ruiz and anticipates which Legionnaires might miss the duel against Guatemala

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. – the Honduras national team It is preparing to develop its second microcycle operation under the leadership of Rinaldo Rueda, Who on his return to the country looks for the best elements before the friendly duel against him Guatemala And for the first time in League of Nations vs. Jamaica.

The H home in Siguatepeque will be the headquarters for this new preparatory operation, where the Bicolor strategist seeks to implement his soccer stamp.

In addition to Rueda’s first two calls, the Colombian helmsman has already held talks with legendary footballers, whom he would like to count on in this new operation.

One of the big bets David Ruiz leash inter miami, who recently became a champion with his team in League Cup against Nashville.

Herald spoke with Louis Brave, The Honduran national team manager, who admits an affinity for the legendary footballers who will or will not be in these first challenges for H.

How are the preparations for this mini-tournament going?

We already have this second mini-tournament that starts tonight with the guys who played the games yesterday and it will run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Stadium H and at Stadium Carlos Miranda.

Is it the teacher asked Rueda to train in Carlos Miranda?

There is the benefit of training on a natural court in Carlos Miranda, but we also have hotel facilities with gym, clinic and chiropractic area. Mondays will be at the hotel, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Carlos Miranda.

How much benefit do you feel these mini bikes are getting?

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It is necessary to understand that there are Honduran teams participating in the Copa América and we must adapt to the availability of players. That is why they are now looking for nine players from Motagua called up and thus taking advantage of these short spaces so that the coach knows the players before the match against Guatemala.

Are they also betting on the Pan American Games?

In the two calls we can see many U-22 players considering the Pan American Games, already drawn with the United States, Colombia, Brazil and Honduras, in October and November. The idea is to see the basis for these American games.

How is planning for the match with Guatemala?

The group must travel on August 31, taking place there with all the national players from eight clubs, except those from Motagua who play in Costa Rica and Olancho who play here. They will fly to Miami on September 1, the Corps will join on August 3 or 4, and then the teacher will decide who will travel to Jamaica and who will return to Honduras.

How many players will they be traveling to Jamaica with?

I think it could be between 23 and 26 players.

How is planning to return to Jamaica?

It was planned on a charter flight, because a commercial flight will be through Miami and it is very long. The idea is to do it by charter on the 9th which is in Tegucigalpa for the match on the 12th against Granada.

Is the approach to legendary players already closed?

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Yes, the teacher communicated with certain players, and I couldn’t say how many and which players, this is a private matter between the coach and the players.

Has the player already been banned?

How the federation has already banned or booked all eligible players abroad for FIFA dates and after the guru confirms the final list, we will proceed with the course of the footballers he would like to count.

Is David Ruiz in the group that got banned?

Yes, all the Honduran players who are overseas and eligible, those who are in Europe, MLS, Costa Rica, it’s an extensive roster and more than that it’s the first call for Professor Rueda.

David Ruiz has already participated in Sub-20, but he is wanted by the United States.

He already participated with the U-20 team, we were watching him and yesterday he played the final, he scored the penalty, they were champions and very good for him and Inter Miami. He is on the list of banned players and then if Professor Rueda decides to rely on him, it will become official at that time.

Professor Rueda wants to guarantee these talented players abroad.

Of course, we will try that any player who is qualified and plays at a good level abroad, of course, will be taken into account. In the case of David Ruiz, he has already been to the U-20 World Cup and he already knows what it is like to be with the national team. Let’s hope he comes to the first team.

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Is Arriaga the only one not banned due to injury?

Kervin Arriaga underwent surgery, was ruled out for several weeks and did not feature in matches.

How is Romell Quioto theme?

The blockade is done on him, but we know the player is recovering, it’s done by protocol and we’ll have to see how evolution goes with it. I think the teacher already spoke to him because he didn’t play football for his club.

Will Albert Ellis be there?

We know he fractured the Gold Cup while he’s recovering, we’ve already seen him on the Bordeaux nets, he hasn’t played games this season.

Is Rigoberto Rivas seen?

We have already spoken to him and he has reported the problem he has with the team and he doesn’t know if they will be in Series B or C. A decision will be made on August 29th and we will know what his future is, whether he completes or not with the team.

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