Masterchef Celebrity 2023: Top 10 of the best chefs

Celebrity Salvation Challenge from MasterChef:

As a result of the UK Ambassador's surprise, All celebrities received black apron, The reason why they faced each other again Conservation managementonly the setting they achieved Make some delicious stuffed pies.

The 60 minutes began and the chefs imagined the best fillings, as that was their differentiator.

Despite being a Typical Colombian doughmany participants struggled with making buñuelos, with many claiming to have never made them.

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And in the end all Celebrities were able to serve stuffed pies with extra sauce. However, not everyone received positive feedback. In case Carol stuffed them with chicken, but for the jury it was a bit harsh. plating 'the black' It was very sad and Stuffed with mango They liked it even though it didn't make them happy.

Adrian Received good comments for the taste PistachioBut the presentation wasn't the best for Carpentier, which also happened to Carolina Acevedo, even though the filling had good flavour.

Diego Sainz It has entered the taste of famous chefs, because Filled with lemon and condensed milk it was the best ever, the reason He went up to the balcony with Carolina Acevedo.

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