They are protesting in Haiti and demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister

Prince Port- The demonstrators paralyzed the country's main cities haiti, They confronted the police and demanded his resignation prime minister Ariel Henry.

Banks, schools, and government agencies closed their facilities in the north and south of the country, while protesters blocked important roads with burning tires and prevented the passage of public transportation, according to local press reports.

Smaller protests were reported in Port-au-Prince, where dozens of demonstrators gathered in front of Henry's office before police dispersed them with tear gas. Among the protesters was presidential candidate and former Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who was captured on video wiping his face while his supporters chanted: “We will not stop!”

Protests are scheduled for at least three days in different parts of the country until Wednesday. Protesters believe February 7 is the alleged deadline for Henry's resignation.

The date is important in Haiti: February 7, 1986 commemorates the day former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier fled to France, and February 7, 1991 commemorates the day Jean-Bertrand Aristide – the country's first democratically elected president – took office.

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