Marta Terrassa returns and replaces Oscar in Passabalabra

Marta Terrassa returns and replaces Oscar in PassabalabraLNE

Pasapalabra is a television show of British origin that has captured the attention of Spanish audiences for years. With its success in the United Kingdom and other countries, password It found a home on Antena 3, one of the main television networks in Spain. This popular word quiz has entertained audiences for over two decades and launched many contestants to fame. In this article, we will explore the history and workings password in Antenna 3As well as its influence and popularity over the years.

the program password It had its beginnings in the United Kingdom, where it was first broadcast in 2000 under the original name “The Alphabet Game.” The Spanish version premiered in 2000, and during the first years it was broadcast on the Telecinco network. However, in 2006, password He moved to Antena 3, where he remains until now.

Game mechanics

password It is a word test that challenges contestants on their vocabulary knowledge and language skills. The game is divided into two parts: “El Rosco” and “La Silla Azul”.

The Roscoe:

In “El Rosco,” contestants must complete 25 words, each beginning with a letter of the alphabet. The presenter calls out a definition or clue, and the contestant must respond with the correct word. If you don’t know the answer, you can say “password“And come back to that word later. The goal is to complete the rosco in the shortest time possible.

Blue chair:

Once “El Rosco” is complete the contestant faces “La Silla Azul”. In this challenge, they are asked general questions that they must answer with the correct word. Each correct answer brings them one step closer to the prize pool. If they cannot answer, the question passes, and the contestant can return to it later. The game continues until the contestant answers all questions or time runs out.

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over the years, password It has had many presenters who have left their mark on the programme. One of the most popular hosts is Christian Galvez, who has hosted the show for a decade and has become a familiar face to viewers. Other hosts include Jaime Cantezano and Roberto Leal, who also bring their style to the show.

Popularity and continued success

password It has been a very successful program in Spain for over two decades. Its unique and challenging format has attracted a loyal audience that faithfully follows the show. The emotion of “El Rosco” and the tension of “La Silla Azul” keep viewers glued to their screens.

next to, password It launched many of its contestants to fame, and many of them became celebrities in the country. Contestants who manage to complete “El Rosco” in record time are remembered and admired by the audience. The program has also received numerous awards over the years, including several Ondas Awards.

Influence on popular culture

password He left an indelible mark on Spanish popular culture. The distinct linguistic challenges and emphasis on word knowledge led to increased interest in the country’s language and literature. Additionally, the show generated memes and memorable moments that were shared on social media, further contributing to its influence on popular culture.

password It is a television program that has captivated Spanish audiences with its exciting format and verbal challenges. Since its arrival on Antena 3 in 2006, the show has maintained its success and launched several contestants to fame. Its influence on popular culture is clear, and it remains one of the most beloved programs in Spain. If you love the challenge of words and the excitement of competition, Pasapalabra is a TV choice that will not disappoint.

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But now it’s between Oscar and Moasis. However, in this Halloween special, Marta Terrassa will replace Oscar on his way to the boat, although it will only be for one day.

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