Guatemala expects heavy rains due to Tropical Storm Pilar

To the south of the Pacific coast, with slow progress and continuous winds reaching a speed of 85 kilometers per hour, the entity expected a greater strengthening of the phenomenon in the coming hours and that it would reach land near the end of the afternoon.

Incifomé indicated, through a statement, that accelerating northeasterly winds will continue over the central Altiplano and the Oriente Valley, while partial clouds and intermittent rain will prevail at night, especially from the south to the center of the country.

He predicted the greatest rainfall impacts in Bocacosta and Pacifico, as well as severe storms, and recommended continuing to take precautions.

It also monitors hurricane activity in the Caribbean Sea and the high pressure system associated with the cold front in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) revealed incidents resulting from the rains witnessed in the past hours, such as damage to homes and those affected.

“The level of the Madre Vega stream channel rose, causing flash floods in the village of El Panal, Taxisco municipality, Santa Rosa province,” foundation spokesman Rodolfo García described.

It identified about 35 moderately damaged homes, 35 victims and 175 people affected, excluding the flooding of the Tabacón River, in the same area.

On the other hand, the overflow of the Las Vacas River caused flooding and damage to homes in the La Giganta canton, as well as in Taxisco, Santa Rosa.

Conried called for taking into account the precautionary measures issued by the authorities against rain, the possibility of lahar formation in the volcanic chain, mass movements, overflowing rivers, flash floods, and damage to the road network.

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Pilar, approaching hurricane strength, is expected to hit Central America on the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Mitch, which continues to wreak havoc in the region.

In Guatemala, the storm caused landslides, avalanches and floods, killing 268 people, most of them the most vulnerable, children and the elderly.

A large number of people were left homeless and were taken to shelters or forced to move.


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