Learn about Chevening Scholarship programs, an academic opportunity in the United Kingdom

CIt aims to introduce students to Chevening Scholarship programmes, designed for future leaders from around the world who wish to pursue a one-year Master’s degree in the UK.The Public Health Department of the UNAM Faculty of Medicine held an information session.

In “Dr. Rachel Brazier, Deputy UK Ambassador to Mexico, Fernando Ocaranza, said she was delighted to see students “interested in experiencing new adventures, taking on new challenges and changing their lives. Essentially, these scholarships are a golden ticket, offering a life experience that goes beyond the classroom.” Globally, our universities represent world-class education, which makes us very proud.

Likewise, he commented that this year marks the 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the United Kingdom, a bond that has been strengthened not only economically and politically, but also through cultural, gastronomic, musical and educational exchanges: “With 38% of Nobel laureates and 55% of world leaders educated in the UK, you could be next. Every journey enriches us and changes our perspective on life, which is why I hope to hear from you soon, and wish you the greatest success on your path to Chevening.

For his part, Kimi Yoshimura, Chevening Program Officer in Mexico, explained that this master’s scholarship program exists in more than 100 universities around the United Kingdom. The call is open every year from September to November, and those who wish can apply regardless of age, gender or religious belief, as long as they have a leadership profile, are of Mexican nationality, have a university degree, and two years of work experience. They have not received support. Advance from the UK Government After the exchange, they return to their country for at least two years.

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Mariela Garfias, Director of the Chevening Program in Mexico, stated that application is done online through the website www.chevening.org. Part of the procedure includes explaining your leadership and influencing skills, through clear examples; Explain how this experience will help you achieve your goals; How they plan to build a network and establish links in the UK; Explain their short- and long-term plans upon completion of their master’s degree, i.e. how they will contribute to the good of Mexico.

Photos: Brecida Lopez

Andrés Quintero Lira, MBBS graduate and Chevening Scholarship recipient, shared his experience from the application process until his return to Mexico, and encouraged them to apply for the scholarship without fear of rejection: “Be very clear about what you want to achieve and what you expect at the end of your master’s degree. Take advantage of the network of contacts you will build during this experience, as they will be people you can collaborate with throughout your career.”.

In conclusion, the speakers answered the audience’s questions. If you want more information, visit our social networks @cheveningfcdo Or email [email protected].

Written by Karen Hernandez

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