Marta Cohen on vaccination in the UK: ‘We will reach 15 million in February’

Following the delay in the Russian government’s delivery of the Sputnik V vaccine, The country’s Ministry of Health is working against the clock to close agreements with laboratories and other suppliers. This is the case with the Chinese Sinovac vaccine and the British Oxford AstraZeneca The country guarantees 22 million doses.

In this context, the RePerfilAr I called Marta CohenAn Argentine doctor residing in the United Kingdom was awarded the Order of the British Empire, who spoke about the vaccination campaign and the numbers of the epidemic in the Saxon state.

“The vaccination campaign is very advanced, more than 8 million English people have already been vaccinated and the doses are applied 7 days a week.”Cohen said about vaccination in the UK, and then went on to say it People over the age of 80 and health workers have already been vaccinated. “The idea is to vaccinate 15 million citizens by February 15th”Cohen concluded.

“8 million English people have already been vaccinated,” Cohen said.

“We had more than 68,000 cases per day in January, and now that number is declining due to the effect of quarantine and vaccination.”, Confirmed to the doctor, who later confirmed that R.The UK sees between 400 and 500 deaths every day from the Coronavirus. Likewise, the specialist stated that in The British state conducts over 600,000 tests daily.

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