Mario Zamora calls on the federal government to guarantee security and the exercise of democracy

MOCORITO._ With an explanation that he did not feel threatened during the 41 days of his campaign against the ruler, but on the contrary, the atmosphere was good and feelings were good, Mario Zamora asked the Mexican state to ensure the safety of the candidates who participate in the current electoral process in Sinaloa, and in the states The other 14 that will elect their leaders on June 6.

In response to a question by the media Evora about the events of Sonora, Zamora Gastelum expressed his regret for the killing of Abel Morita, the Citizens Movement candidate for mayor in Kagame, which happened Thursday, and who he said he knew and was a good man.

He stressed that since there is a safe environment for the participants in the 2021 electoral process, the authorities will have to ensure freedom and democracy, which is best for society in general.

“I ask with great respect from the Mexican state, the federal government, to give complete and complete certainty to Mexicans, on the one hand, the candidates who can campaign freely. I think we deserve it. I respectfully request the President of all Mexicans, Andres Manuel (Lopez Obrador) to help prevent this happening.” That kind of thing – we all lose, democracy is losing, and Mexico is losing. ”It’s a pity, very unfortunate,” he nodded.

Zamora Gastelum said that in a country with many years of history, people should decide their leaders freely, “without any hindrance, without any coercion.”

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