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Sports / May 15, 2021/11 hours later

Author: Òliver Gómez Solarte

Thomas Neto Ocampo, who scored 5.20 meters in pole vault, won the silver medal at the NJCAA National Championships held in Texas, United States.

The athlete, who belongs to the Quindio Athletics team, equates to the best national mark, whose height so far was 5.20 meters.

Quindiano has his best record to date and track and field championships, an event that is part of the NJCAA National Championship.

First place in the tournament went to Italian Matteo Capello, recording 5.40 meters, and third place went to local Thomas Lofton with a score of 4.70 meters.

However, last March, Neto Ocampo competed in the first leg of the United States National Championship and took a silver medal with a score of 5.05 meters.

It should be noted that during this season, the athlete rises and improves his personal brand at every show and places himself at the top of the podium.

Thomas is currently studying at South Plains College in Texas, USA. With that institution’s shirt and Quindiano’s heart, he hopes to participate in the next American championships.

On the other hand, Quindian athlete is part of the 63 athletes of the Quindío Division’s Lifeguard Program and has financial support from the Management Institute of Sport and Recreation.

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