Pokémon and Final Fantasy VII Remake join Laxidaze, a Cyberpunk ARPG seeking Kickstarter funding to gain access to Nintendo Switch – Nintenderos

Here comes the emphasis on a new independent project he aspires to achieve Nintendo Switch. This was announced recently by its developers.

Depending on what was shared Laxidaze, a cyberpunk indie ARPG inspired by Pokémon and the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Hit the hybrid console in 2023 if it gets funded In the Kickstarter campaign That kicks off next week. At the moment we do not have a more specific release date so we’ll take care of more details.

Meanwhile, you can find Job list and trailer From this separate address below:

• Create your own team of bounty hunters and recruit other bounty hunters and Nanims (tame monsters) to help you on your quest to free Cascadia.

• Battle in the wilderness of Cascadia in a real-time third-person combat system or use the game’s tactical mode to slow down time and choose your moves.

• Use your rewards proceeds to manage and improve both your home and community.

• Explore the wild urban landscape of Cascadia and discover its many cities, strange citizens and hidden secrets.

• Recruit, evolve and fight alongside Nanims as you complete missions in Laxidaze.

• Raise the level of friendship ties between your teammates by hanging out with them (and even forging an affair!) To unlock new armor, quests and weapons.

• Play with your friends in various cooperative dungeons and fight or fight on the battlefields to see who has the best structure in PvP battles.

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