Cuba appreciates China’s position in the face of exceptions at the Summit of the Americas

The island’s ambassador here, Carlos Miguel Pereira, expressed his government’s gratitude for Beijing’s support in countering the measure, which has also been rejected in Latin America and the Caribbean as it seeks to exclude Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from the Western Hemisphere Forum.

He pointed out that opposition to this practice reflects disagreement with the lack of credibility of the democratic administration in dealing with its foreign policy and its commitment to pressure on countries that do not favor it.

The diplomat denounced that the White House is trying to divide and use international law as it pleases, to apply selective multilateralism when it suits it, and to revive the so-called Monroe Doctrine in relations with its neighbors.

“It is clear once again that the United States lacks the possibility to impose its designs, interests and positions in Latin America and the Caribbean, which have changed enough to cease to be a backyard,” he said at a press conference.

Pereira commented that even before the meeting began, it had already failed to achieve its goals of separating Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from the debate on the issues on the agenda.

“Cuba, whether it is actually present at the Summit of the Americas or not, is and will remain the subject of the Summit. He said that his voice will be present in many ways, both at the official summit and at the so-called peoples’ summit.

He referred to the desire of the Indian subcontinent to achieve an integration that would allow solving and addressing the major challenges in the region.

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At this point, he contrasted the exclusionary and imperialist character of the OAS with the aspirations of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States to promote unity over the diversity of its members.

During the meeting, Pereira briefed the press on the results of the 21st summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America – the Peoples’ Trade Treaty that met in Havana last week with the leaders of the ten member states.

Likewise, he spoke of Cuba’s position on the recent visit of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, to China; He endorsed the rejection of the politicization of the subject and its use as a form of interference in the internal affairs of any state.

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