The Castellón Chamber of Commerce celebrates its 2nd Sustainability Forum 2023

Betting on proximity is one way to sustainability, and a program 2nd Castellon Sustainability Forum 2023Which will be held at the headquarters chamber of commerce In the capital, La Plana November 8embodies this appreciation for what is near.

six Among the nine business sustainability experiences that make up the agenda of this second edition of the forum, Corporate center in Castellon, Valencia and Alicante.

This is the situation The leading company in Packaging From cardboard La Plana Group. With seven production plants – three of them in Petxe, Onda and Creveliente and four others outside the community -, the Castellon Business Group, which has just started its activity International projection in Europe (United Kingdom and France), Africa and AmericaIt has sustainability in its DNA. From his hand Director of Sustainability, Environment and Governance, José GámezIt will make the forum audience closer to the “daily effort” that goes into implementing it Sustainability at the strategic level“Because only then will it be able to compete,” but also the benefit it represents, since “the most important thing is the impact we generate when developing our business model, using sustainable and responsible raw materials, generating employment Qualityor ensuring that human and labor rights are respected in our supply chain,” highlights Jamez.

Grupo La Plana Sustainability, ESG Director, José Gámez. Mediterranean sea

“Local companies with impact”

For its part, La Plana Group will participate in Circular table Impactful local companiesbesides the person also from Castellon Zero targeta Sustainability consulting Which helps companies and organizations integrate environmental standards into the daily management of their activities, to ensure sustainable development. And Alicante Gravitational wavewhich Management of waste fishing nets and marine plasticsTo search for sustainable solutions that prevent their abandonment and contribute to preserving the marine environment.

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The person in charge of ports at Gravity Wave, Ignacio Martí. Mediterranean sea

Objective Zero CEO, Raquel Gomez. Mediterranean sea

“Change the rules of the game”

The procession of companies that are ambassadors of social and environmental change will continue with the Valencian Seal with the three participants in Second from the round table Who will host the meeting: Changing the rules of the game. Traditional companies and sectors that are changing the way business is doneYes. This is Valencia brand Andrew’s worldwhich Innovative seating designs creating sustainable and healthy workplaces and meeting spaces; And also Valencia Closka designwhich It seeks to transform cities into friendly spaces through design; Beside Floor carpetsa family business that has been around for more than 100 years Design and weave custom carpets and rugs with sustainable materials From its factory in Crevellent (Alicante).

Commercial Director of Andrew World in Valencia, Ernesto Belloc. Mediterranean sea

Founder and CEO of Closca, Carlos Ferrando Closca. Mediterranean sea

Head of Sales Department Floors carpet (which includes a staff of 62 professionals), Carmen Ferrandez, details that sustainability has been around since its founding, over a century ago, by always using natural fibres. This trend has continued over time, he points out, and “80% of the products we sell are recycled and natural.” The company has also implemented improvements on a structural level, by installing solar panels, “so that 100% of the energy we consume to produce our looms comes from the sun,” and is now moving to replacing natural gas required by your biogas furnaces. Its commitment to sustainability has not diminished its standing Competitiveness Nor profitability, on the contrary, “On a commercial level, true sustainability attracts the client and leads you to very interesting projects,” emphasizes Carmen Ferrandez.

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Head of Sales at Rols Carpet, Carmen Ferrandez. Mediterranean sea

“For companies thinking about embarking on this change towards sustainability, I would say that you have to be realistic, know where you are and what you can achieve. My recommendation is to set a focus and stick to it. Go little by little, but without stopping, with a The worldview is divided into achievable and real goals For your economy and structure,” he says.

“Eco-design and new business models”

he 2nd Castellon Sustainability Forum 2023 He will also share the advisor’s experiences IneditIt has bases in Barcelona and Zaragoza, in Power point Environmental design and new business models; From the project Nia watera Water featured in aluminum can be an alternative to Plastic turning it into a tool for restoring the ocean and planting thousands of coral reefs; And based on B Corp SpainWhich will talk about the B Corp movement led by Actions to transform the economy for the benefit of societies and the planet in the context of social and climate emergencies.

Media personality, physicist, master’s degree in meteorology and geophysics, and climate change specialist, Isabel Moreno. Mediterranean sea

‘the new era’

the opening show, the new erawill be led by communication specialist, physicist, master’s in meteorology and geophysics, and climate change specialist, Isabel Moreno, who is currently part of Program team Here is the earth, From RTVEHe also collaborates in preparing reports and articles related to meteorology and climate.

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The event will take place on November 8. Research and development

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