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Presidential candidate for the main opposition coalition Venezuela, Maria Corina MachadoHe asked the Venezuelans this Sunday.Confidence and focusFor elections in the second half of 2024, where, as long as his political exclusion is lifted, he will seek to defeat Chavismo at the ballot box.

In his message ChristmasThe former MP said that Venezuelans “Strengthen“After the primary she won last October, when she swept 92.35% of the vote and became the party’s standard bearer. Democratic Unionist Platform (PUD) for the presidential elections.

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We close 2023 with renewed hope, courageously facing the challenge of making our path to freedom a reality (…) Let us maintain confidence and focus on our goal“And he expressed in a book in which he called for”Moving forward in 2024 towards a bright future in Venezuela“, ruled by Chavismo since 1999.

Liberalism also recalled the civilians and soldiers who are today behind bars, and who human rights organizations consider political prisoners, and described them as “Hostages of the regime for the cause of freedom“.

To them, my words of encouragement and my commitment to return them to their families in an equally free country.“, he claimed.

Furthermore, Machado spoke of “Special fibers that move these daysTo the country, due to migration in the last decade, when more than seven million Venezuelans left the country in the midst of the economic crisis, a situation that began to improve slightly at the end of 2021.

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My prayers are for the millions of compatriots of our people who had to leave their homeland (…) for them and for their families, and I say that the destiny of our struggle is to reunite every family and the entire nation.He pointed out in his message, which he concluded by predicting electoral victory in 2024.

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The anti-Chavista leader asked the Supreme Court to review the punishment he imposed Financial auditorThis prevents him from holding elected positions until 2030, benefiting from the mechanism agreed upon between the government and the government. Bud At the political negotiating table, from which agreement emerged on guarantees for the 2024 elections.

Machado, like other opponents who committed to this mechanism, has not yet received a solution from the Supreme Court.

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