Netflix is ​​expanding testing of its new video game streaming platform in the US

Madrid, October 17 (Portaltic/EP) –

Netflix Announced that selected users of United State You can now try out the new video game streaming platform for TVs and PCs with compatible browsers, an option that has until now only been available to some game testers. United Kingdom and Canada.

The company proposed creating a cloud game streaming platform in August 2022, which was known through an advertisement on its official LinkedIn profile, where various vacancies related to this new product were available.

It was in August of this year when Netflix began testing the technology for Windows and Mac TVs and PCs in Canada and the UK, with beta releases of games. Oxenfree And Molihue Mining Adventure.

Afterwards, the company commented on its blog that this is the first step it has taken for players to test the experience, with a limited beta for a small number of users in those countries.

This new platform option was announced a week after the app launched Netflix app console For iPhone and iPad users, which acts as a video game console and can be used to play from a TV with a Netflix account signed in.

The company has now updated Share your blog To announce that it has begun rolling out this limited beta test to users in the United States. With that, he announced that he hopes to hear these testers' comments Share more information about this streaming platform As your development progresses.

It is worth noting that users who subscribe to Netflix can play on the computer through using a keyboard and mouse, while those who want to do so from the TV can do so from devices such as Amazon Fire TC and Nvidia Shield TV And Chromecast with Google TV. Roku TVs and Samsung smart models are also supported.

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