France will apply punitive measures against the UK if it does not get its fishing licenses

French President Emmanuel Macron.

The French government will prepare a list of sanctions measures against the United Kingdom in the event that it does not have the fishing licenses from that country by the 31st that are deemed eligible to fish in the Anglo-Norman Islands by the French. Britain’s exit from the European Union agreements.

French Minister of State for European Affairs, Clement BonOn Sunday, she indicated, in an interview with France 3, that these measures will be implemented “If we don’t get the licenses we’re entitled to” at the end of the month.

He added, “We are not asking – he emphasized – for any advantages. We are demanding the implementation of the entire agreement and it has not been achieved,” despite the resumption of dialogue in recent days and “there are some better ones, which are absolutely insufficient.”

The Secretary of State indicated that, at the request of the Prime Minister, Jean-Michel BlanquerIn the next few days, members of the government will establish Sanctions List and advanced, for example, The right of British fishermen to land their catch in French ports will be limitedAccording to Efe.

The struggle over fishing rights for the French in the waters of the British-controlled Anglo-Norman Islands has been going on for several months and has had many political tensions.

at the beginning of the month, Castex claimed the European Commission’s “firmness” with London He warned that if he did not achieve his goals, They condemn Britain’s exit agreements from the European Union and bilateral cooperation, which include in particular agreements to control the flows of illegal immigrants trying to enter the UK from French shores.

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